List of reference projects

Government agencies

German Advisory Council on the Environment (Sachverständigenrat für Umweltfragen): Environmental Report 2008, part on Sustainable Development, Innovation and Climate

Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications,
FEDRO Federal Roads Office:
study “Risk strategy for natural hazards on national roads,
Methodology for risk-based assessment, prevention and response to gravitative natural hazards
on national roads”

International Bureau: part of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
parts of the website


Non-profits, think-tanks and organizations

Endeva Institute enterprise solutions for development (formerly Emergia Institute):
study "Inclusive Business: How to Develop Business and Fight Poverty"

ETAPARA portal for documenting and publishing information about the ethical conduct
of companies and non-profit organizations:
website and all documentation, correspondence

Bundesverband der deutschen Bioethanolwirtschaft e.V. (German Biofuels Association):
position papers, studies, correspondence

Union zur Förderung von Oel- und Proteinpflanzen e. V. (UFOP) und Bundesverband der
deutschen Bioethanolwirtschaft e.V. :
study "An Analysis of iLUC and Biofuels Regional
quantification of climate-relevant land use change and options for combating it"

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH: editing of studies
including Indonesia country study about the impacts of the crisis on labour markets and value
chains and a study on the impact of the global economic slowdown on value chain labour
markets in Asia as a case study of the footwear and leather industry in Vietnam

ÜBER LEBENSKUNST Initiative for Culture and Sustainability: all material for a one-year
period including project descriptions, press releases, principles, guidelines, criteria, performance
descriptions, etc.

Heinrich Böll Foundation: parts of the website

Wuppertal Institute: report "MaRess Project Core Strategies of a Successful Resource Policy
and the Instruments Proposed for Their Effective Implementation"

WWF: final project report "Fighting illegal logging through the introduction of a combination of
the isotope method for identifying the origins of timber and DNA analysis for differentiation of
tree species"

Heinrich Böll Foundation: materials for conferences on: Palestine, change in the Arab
world, raw materials strategy, REDD, Kosovo, elections in India, European History Forum,
Development Policy Forum, 20 years of democratization in Eastern and South Eastern Europe
and the Caucasus, European energy policy: energy security, climate protection, economic
innovation, etc.

ProForest: cross compliance checklists and documents for EU agricultural policy

ProForest: documents on requirements arising from the Biomass Electricity Sustainability
Ordinance (BioSt-NachV)

Heinrich-Böll Foundation: interpreting assignment on wind energy for Eastern bloc journalists

German Solar Energy Research Association (Forschungsverbund Sonnenenergie): report on
using new materials to increase efficiency

CrossBorder Bioenergy: study "Potential uses for existing market analyses" on companies the
bioenergy sector


Private sector

Gesellschaft zur Zertifierung nachhaltig erzeugter Biomass: (association of leading
organizations in the German agricultural and biofuel sector), REDcert certification system, all
system documentation, website and correspondence

Heinz Rudolf Umlauf, Engineer: report on the energy-efficiency assessment of the B&B
hotel "Craigmhor Lodge"

CQC Consulting, experts in CSR, QM & Communications: parts of the website,

Interpane AG: business documents, installation instructions for solar panels, financial

GreenOneTec: technical documentation for solar panels

RWE energy company: sustainability report 2 years in a row

BIQ: subsidiary of the energy company Vattenfall, develops and finds new uses for industrial
sites and facilities: web site

Metakraft DVD production company: subtitling of documentary called “Water is life” for

METRO Group: sustainability report and emissions report

irema Relocation Services GmbH: quality manual

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge: documents and presentations on alternative drives and environmental

initco solar AG: organizational guidelines

Berlin lawyers’ office: report on the possibilities for direct sales of EEG electricity that meet
current and future laws

E.ON Bayern: customer magazine

ORGAINVENT Entwicklungs- und Koordinationsgesellschaft mbH for meat labeling,
traceability and QS-coordination: 2010 Annual Report


Educational institutes

University of Applied Sciences, Eberswalde Lifelong learning in organic agriculture: a degree
program for working professionals

University of St. Gallen, Switzerland: sustainability report for the 2003 World Ski
Championships in St. Moritz

University of St. Gallen, Switzerland: environmental assessment report for the New Gotthard
base tunnel

University of St. Gallen, Switzerland: report on sustainable tourism in Swiss Alpine regions

Prof. Dr. jur. Stefan Klinski, Professor of Environmental Law at Berlin School of
Economics and Law:
study "Legal concepts to eliminate the bottleneck in energy-saving
modernisations for existing buildings, Environmental Research of the Federal Ministry of the
Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety"

University of Applied Sciences, Eberswalde: study on opportunities for small organic shops
despite the rise of organic supermarkets