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ECO-ACCENTS: Green Translations

Are you a company, governement agency or organization with a focus on:

• environmental technology?
• renewable energy?
• sustainable development?
• development aid?

Are you:

 • thinking about expanding your business to English-speaking or international markets?
• already active on these markets?
• pursuing EMAS certification in an international environment (EMAS)
• required to create a sustainability report in multiple languages by law in compliance with CSR Directive Implementation Act?
• conducting an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for a transnational project?
• introducing a certification scheme in several countries? 

Do you need:

• expert linguistic assistance?
• translation of marketing materials, technical documentation, studies or other texts?
• help developing terminology for specific environmental fields? 

eco-accents can help you at each step along the way with a unique combination of linguistic expertise and in-depth knowledge of environmental and sustainability issues to meet your needs in this highly specialized field. As environmental awareness grows among companies, the international community, the general public and policymakers, organisations of all kinds are pursuing eco-friendly measures, thus creating opportunities and needs for translations in this field. For a complete list of reference projects, click here


eco-accents is Libby Neumann. My combined expertise in translation and environmental issues is drawn from three different sources:

• formal education
• on-the-job experience
• informal education (industry-related reading, eco-related events, etc.)

While it is impossible to be an expert in every single area, I work hard to understand the complexity behind these issues so that the end product meets the highest quality standards of your target market. And I strive to work closely together with my customers to gain the benefit of their expertise in these areas.

Click here for more information about my formal education.
Click here to get a list of reference projects I have worked on.  


Education: Translation/General:

Certificate in Translation Teaching,
Monterey Institute of International Studies; Monterey, California; August 2002

Master of Arts: Translation, German/English;
Monterey Institute of International Studies; Monterey, California; May 1995

Bachelor of Arts: International Politics, concentration: Germany and East-West Relations;
Wesleyan University; Middletown, Connecticut; December 1989

Education: Sustainability and Environment:

Master’s in Sustainability and Quality Management,
Berlin School of Economics and Law, Berlin, November 2011

Online course entitled "Water and Climate Change",
UNESCO Water Institute, Dec. 2009

Environmental and quality management certificate program,
Berlin School of Economics and Law (formerly the Berlin School of Economics), Berlin, October 2003 – July 2005, finished coursework


German Association of Professional Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ - Bundesverband Dolmetscher und Übersetzer) since 2008

Areas of specialization: environment

Environmental impact assessments

Sustainability reports

Renewable energy

Climate policy

Sustainable development

Energy sector

EU environmental law and policy

Agricultural policy

Environmental management systems (EMAS, ISO)

Quality management systems

Development policy

Certification schemes

Carbon offsetting

Water resource management

Biodiversity/nature conservation

Waste and wastewater management

Forestry management

Corporate Social Responsibility

Global Reporting Initiative

For information on specific projects, click here.

Areas of specialization: other

Software localization

IT and telecommunications

Computer-assisted design Telecommunications Technical documentation Websites Finance and annual reports Tourism Branding/marketing/corporate design




List of reference projects/customers

Government agencies

German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrografie): environmental impact assessment for new offshore wind farm in North/Baltic Sea, site development plan and environmental reports, correspondence

German Advisory Council on the Environment (Sachverständigenrat für Umweltfragen):

Environmental Report 2008, part on Sustainable Development, Innovation and Climate


Swiss Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications, FEDRO Federal Roads Office: study “Risk strategy for natural hazards on national roads, Methodology for risk-based assessment, prevention and response to gravitative natural hazards on national roads”

International Bureau: part of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF): parts of the website

Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau: member of a core team of translators since 2012, translations of descriptions of development projects throughout the world, training programmes, impact assessments, project reviews, loan application assessments, press releases, etc. Translations cover the areas of banking, climate change mitigation, renewable energy, infrastucture, security, business development, health care, environmental protection, etc.

GIZ, Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit: member of a team of translators from 2010 to 2018, translations of project descriptions in the areas of biodiversity, climate change, climate change adaptation, waste and wastewater management, sustainability, energy, farming, migration, enery efficiency, sustainable resource management, nature conservation, wind, solar and hydropower, etc. Also translations of internal documentation, project proposals, impact matrices, conference documentation, factsheets, presentations, project evaluations and position papers

Internationale Klimaschutz Initiative (durch GIZ): selected by GIZ as one of two translators to translate documents news, reports, parts of website, programme descriptions, annual reports for a three-year period

Non-profits, think-tanks and organizations

Endeva Institute enterprise solutions for development (formerly Emergia Institute): study “Inclusive Business: How to Develop Business and Fight Poverty”

ETAPARA portal for documenting and publishing information about the ethical conduct of companies and non-profit organizations: website and all documentation, correspondence

Bundesverband der deutschen Bioethanolwirtschaft e.V. (German Biofuels Association): position papers, studies, correspondence

Union zur Förderung von Oel- und Proteinpflanzen e. V. (UFOP) und Bundesverband der deutschen Bioethanolwirtschaft e.V.: study “An Analysis of iLUC and Biofuels Regional quantification of climate-relevant land use change and options for combating it”

ÜBER LEBENSKUNST Initiative for Culture and Sustainability: all material for a one-year period including project descriptions, press releases, principles, guidelines, criteria, performance descriptions, etc.

Expert Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration: head translator for six years, translated everything from website to annual report and press releases, studies, abstracts, CVs, etc.

Wuppertal Institute: report “MaRess Project Core Strategies of a Successful Resource Policy and the Instruments Proposed for Their Effective Implementation”

Heinrich Böll Foundation: parts of the website, materials for conferences on: Palestine, change in the Arab world, raw materials strategy, REDD, Kosovo, elections in India, European History Forum, Development Policy Forum, 20 years of democratization in Eastern and South Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, European energy policy: energy security, climate change, economic innovation, democracy, Syria, renewables, development policy, literature, etc.

ProForest: cross compliance checklists and documents for EU agricultural policy, documents on requirements arising from the Biomass Electricity Sustainability Ordinance (BioSt-NachV)

German Solar Energy Research Association (Forschungsverbund Sonnenenergie): report on using new materials to increase efficiency

CrossBorder Bioenergy: study “Potential uses for existing market analyses” on companies the bioenergy sector

atmosfair gGmbH: carbon offsetting scheme for air travel, translation of 2016 Annual Report, press releases, brochure, parts of website

WWF: “Assessment of the Environmental Risks of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the European Union”, report on the cooperation between the EDEKA supermarket chain und WWF in the area of fisheries, Q and A, “WWF Proposal for a Climate Law”, “WWF Assessment of the Climate Action Plan 2050 of the German Federal Government”, monthly poaching newsletters for the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety, “Voluntary agreement for nature conservation, recreational use and fishing in the Bay of Greifswald and Strelasund”, study on structural change in Germany using the example of the coal industry, report entitled “Water scarcity on the retail shelf – How German food retailers can live up their responsibilities”, practical guide “Learning to live with wolves. Questions from agriculture, forestry, hunting and tourism”, “Drought Report 2019”, “Stop the flood of plastic. Effective measures to avoid single-use plastics and packaging in hotels”, and many other texts on subjects such as how climate change affects different species, forest fires, the footprint of steel and aluminium, biomass and climate change, microplastics, water risks, water reports, poaching, nature conservation, etc.

WWF: translation of book entitled “Best Practice Handbook – Nature Conservation in Beech Forests, Nature conservation objectives and management recommendations for mature beech forests in north-eastern Germany

Private sector

Femern A/S, Danish planning company charged with preparing the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel across the Baltic Sea between the Danish island of Lolland and the German island of Fehmarn: between 2013 and 2015 translated large volumes of documents including environmental impact assessment for bridge version, tunnel version and bridge-tunnel version, explanatory reports, correspondence, cost assessments, strategy documents, species conservation assessments, soil protection concept, court judgements, etc.

Henkel AG: Sustainability Report and CSR Report

Heinz Rudolf Umlauf, Engineer: report on the energy-efficiency assessment of the B&B hotel Craigmhor Lodge

MAN Truck & Bus AG: Carbon Data Reporting Directive

CQC Consulting, experts in CSR, QM & Communications: parts of the website, correspondence

L-Bank: Staatsbank für Baden-Württemberg, Sustainability Report 2016, Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016

Interpane AG: business documents, installation instructions for solar panels, financial statements

GreenOneTec: technical documentation for solar panels

RWE energy company: sustainability report 2 years in a row

BIQ: subsidiary of the energy company Vattenfall, develops and finds new uses for industrial sites and facilities: web site

Metakraft DVD production company: subtitling of documentary called “Water is life” for Eurowasser

METRO Group: sustainability report and emissions report

irema Relocation Services GmbH: quality manual

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge: documents and presentations on alternative drives and environmental engineering

initco solar AG: organizational guidelines

Berlin lawyers’ office: report on the possibilities for direct sales of EEG electricity that meet current and future laws

E.ON Bayern: customer magazine

Educational institutes

Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNEE): translation of “Lebenslanges Lernen in der ökologischen Landwirtschaft – ein Studienprogramm für Berufstätige”, “Rebound-Effekte des unverpackt-Einkaufens”, study on opportunities for small organic shops despite the rise of organic supermarkets, descriptions of degree programs, parts of the website, correspondence, proofreading of studies written in English

University of St. Gallen, Switzerland: sustainability report for the 2003 World Ski Championships in St. Moritz

University of St. Gallen, Switzerland: environmental assessment report for the New Gotthard base tunnel

University of St. Gallen, Switzerland: report on sustainable tourism in Swiss Alpine regions

Prof. Dr. jur. Stefan Klinski, Professor of Environmental Law at Berlin School of Economics and Law: study “Legal concepts to eliminate the bottleneck in energy-saving modernisations for existing buildings, Environmental Research of the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety”

Certification schemes

Gesellschaft zur Zertifierung nachhaltig erzeugter Biomass: association of leading organizations in the German agricultural and biofuel sector, REDcert certification scheme, all scheme documentation, website, annual report, checklists, presentations and correspondence

SeedGuard Gesellschaft für Saatgutqualiät mbH: certification scheme to meet the quality assurance measures for seed treatment required by law, SeedGuard certification scheme and scheme principles, all scheme documentation, website, annual report, checklists and correspondence

ORGAINVENT Entwicklungs- und Koordinationsgesellschaft mbH: certification scheme for beef labelling, translations of annual reports, brochures, miscellanous texts


quality | commitment | reliability

These three words are at the core of every project I do.

Quality: Conformance to customer specifications. The more I know about you and what you need, the better the quality of the end-product is.

Commitment: Dedication to fulfilling customer needs, creating long term, productive and satisfying relationships with customers and working closely with them to identify their linguistic needs and meet quality expectations.

Reliability: The ability to deliver projects on time, raise critical issues early on and turn down projects not in my area of expertise, beyond my capabilities or not feasible with the given timeframe.  



Laptop: HP Envy i5 | Laptop: HP pavilion zv5000 | DSL | HP Laser Printer


Microsoft Office 2010 (with Word, Excel, PowerPoint) | Trados Studio 2017 | Across 7.0 | Windows 7/Windows 8


You have probably spent a lot of time figuring out what the best way is to get your message across. You have agonized over wording, style and tone in the source text. A lot of thought has gone into how to spark your clients’ interest in your products and services. Your content is what sells your products and services.

Translation is my core business. eco-accents translates more than words, it translates your message, your style, your image. I respect the integrity and meaning of your original content, effectively re-creating it in the target language for a different market.

And, no matter whether your company or organization is involved in solar technology, waste management, sustainability or climate change policy, eco-accents uses the right industry-specific terms and concepts in the target language.